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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 24, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> first one comes from the morris family . wesley chapel north carolina. there are the trip lets. chad, emily and ryan. momit and dad said it is not too easy to get the christmas photo. beautiful nephew mack. not happy there. not happy about meeting santa claus . this is our amazing crew . we love you, guys, these are the guys behind the scenes helping us to get on the air every single morning at 5:00 a.m. . matt. he's look at his picture. they are fantastic crew and thank you for making the show possible and thanks to you, merry christmas to you. have a good one. we appreciate you watching. see you soon. >> it is monday and christmas eve everyone.
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are you getting into the spirit. i am gretchen carlson, thanks for sharing your time today. a merry merry christmas. americans get ready to celebrate one thing remains certain congress is far apart to avoid a deal. >> will it be a white or wet christmas? >> weather causing concerns for travelers . causing shipping delays. why one major shipping company said the gift may not show up until after the holiday. >> i am one of those people . who is the most dreaded guest of all . new survey said one family most people don't want at the christmas table. let us know your thoughts. "fox and friends" begins right now. >> this is scotty knox, you are watching "fox and
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friends", happy holidays, what? i am the only one? >> that's how we talk around here. >> gretchen: it is christmas eve. we have clayton morris . rich -- rick with us. >> it is the first time. i only have done it one other time. >> it will be great and we have great for you . we'll talk about what is coming up on the fiscal cliff. have you got your holiday shopping done yet? are you done? >> gretchen: i am waiting for three things to come in the mail that they might not arrive. >> i an alert said winter weather causing shipping delays. >> if you are worried about your packages in christmas eve, you delayed yourself.
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>> gretchen: blame the weather guy. l>> i ordered it on friday. >> gretchen: merry christmas . still no deal in sight just more of the same way blame game . e week before the taxes are going to sky rocket. steve is live in washington. >> good morning, gretchen and everybody. washington is shut down for the christmas holiday . when everybody does come back to town, the ball will be in the democrat's court because speaker boehner was unable to bring his on board. for the plan b. >> onous is on senator reid and the president to come up with a solution and present it to the house and get back to the bargaining table. >> now the president has
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insisted on a tax hike for the healthy but wants that at $250,000 or $400,000 and not one mill yen and even though the president scaled back his expectations for what can be accomplished some democrats said a grand bargain shouldn't be that hard to reach. >> we ought to take peeker boehner and the president's last offer and split the difference and it would be a package 2.6 trillion can couple that with 1.1 trillion and that would be close to four trillion needed to stabilize the debt and bring it down. >> the president and members was congress will return to washington wednesday or thursday and try to hammer out a deal. most likely a short-term deal to get us past the cliff. >> gretchen: thank you for the great news out of washington today . now the rest of the headlines, nato confirming that civilian
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u.s. contractor was shot dead by an afghan policewoman of kabul. it is treated as a possible inside job. 52 members was nato forces have been killed this year alone in the so-called green on blue attacks. you think they are your friends but they are not. three ternals. idaho senator mike crapo saying he is sorry after a weekend drunken driving arrest. he said i made a mistake for which i apologize to my family and idaho constitients. i will accept responsibility and dole with the penalty. crapo is mormon is and abtains from drinking alcohol. he's released on bond and due in court in january.
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marine veteran expected to arrive home after speppeding time in the hospital. john hammar and his father was driving back from mexico to florida can he was taken to emergency room in louisiana. hammar tried to legally bring an antique gun. he reached mexico he was handcuffed and whisked away. >> a major rain storm heading east this morn half of the nation from texas to maine can see a white christmas. >> rick, you will have the wonderful holiday forecast. >> you know, you kind of want a white christmas . two things that battle each other. look how cold it is. it is settling in part of the lower southern plains. not much on the radar now. but it is going to move in the plains tonight and tomorrow
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and cause problems. another storm we are watching in the southeast it is a mild storm and going to potentially bring a white christmas to west virginia and pennsylvania and new york and parts of new england. the bad one out here in the west in parts of oklahoma. oklahoma city maybe six inches was snow throughout the day. make sure you get there early today. the other problem with the storm we are looking at a chance of severe weather. that is moderate risk of severe weather. we are talking about big tornados. christmas day tornados in the south. any place in louisiana and mississippi and parts of alabama that is the bull's eye . heads up and make sure you are potentially aware. >> we are talking about ordering your packages and
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getting shipping. but fed exsaid the midwest storm is causing a shipping delays. i have an alert. if you are in iowa, michigan, and orch orgwisconsin or wisconsin. those centers will not get it out to you on time. >> gretchen: who will be really mad at awe. >> there may be an iou slip in the box. >> gretchen: you know what i do. if that is going to happen and it is going to happen to me, too. nice message and you wrap the envelope. >> that's what i will do. >> gretchen: kid said love getting those envelopes it is going to be an gift. >> are adults more forgiving. >> i have to be honest. i never purchased anything on line ever. to this kay. >> gretchen: what you know clayton, how many years.
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>> i need to see manage in my hands and touch it before i buy it it doesn't make sense how you buy it on line. i know everybody has gotten on line and cyber monday thing means nothing to me. >> that is unbelievable to me. this season i bought everyone of my gifts on line. >> gretchen: i did. we like rick so much because we are toltsly different. >> you are so saffi on line. that is bizarre to me. >> i need to see it before i buy it >> gretchen: this is good news, small businesses in america love you for because you are going into the store and purchasing for them. >> potentially stores going away. i am doing my part . so who is the last person that you really want to be at your house for christmas? there is a study done and there is somebody you don't want. take a look at one possibility who this might be.
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>> you put me in a tough situation. >> i am putting you in a christmas picture which you are going to love. hey, everybody. it is mom. please, try to smile. i will raymond but this is not the present i wanted. >> it is always the mother-in-law. come on, is that not too stereo typical. wouldn't you rather have the mother-in-law help you clean up in the clean up or husband or grandfather or a bunch of screnaling kids. >> it is because the mother-in-laws do help. the father-in-laws show up and grab a beer. be honest . sit down on a couch and where's football . johnnie, how are you these past couple of months . they are sitting there with salted nuts and a beer. mother-in-laws come and try to
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help . they end up having a conflict, right. it is territorial and we have the quish over here and turkey over here and i am doing it my way. am i wrong? >> this is why i don't have a mother-in-law. it is a big problem. i see no need for a mother-in-law at this point. >> i will take a mother-in-law as opposed to a housefull of screaming kids that are being bratty. >> it was cleaned up and watching the kids and my wife was able to focus on doing the meal and a well oiled machine. e-mail us and tweet us as well. >> we are down to the wire. >> final day to run out and get last minute christmas gifts. >> they join us outside of k-mart in chicago. they are already busy. >> good morning, it was busy a couple of hours ago and people are out shopping.
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k-mart is doing 88 hours straight. schoper what brings you out so early or late. >> i can't sleep at night and so i come at 5:00 in the morning and i get it out of the way earlier because not many people are here and i get all of the christmas stuff done . shorts and brankets and juices and what have you. >> that is altered decision-making . i came from shorts and juice box and comforter and diet pepsi. >> it keeps you going. >> it is a lot quieter. >> it is quiet right now. he's one of the managers here and said it was crazy. >> it was crale -- crazy really . i am waiting on the morning crowd to come in. it is great and fun. >> and fun. thank you so much.
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>> he spent all night trying to straighten up the store and it is going to be busy . here in chicago. 16 or 17 hours to shop. back to you. we'll check back with you later in the show . how many of the individuals show up to do the shopping are all men? it is 90 percent . i just talked to two women before the gentleman and i will keep ack. >> that blew your theory. >> good point. >> gretchen: santa couldn't fit this gift under the tree. >> i can't believe it. oh. >> gretchen: oh, the awesome surprise from a navy sailor to his mom yust in time for christmas. >> president obama drawing strong criticism about the wars in iraq and afghanistan and he said hagel is the wrong
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man for the job. ♪ ♪
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>> clayton: welcome back. lawmakers have eight days left when a series of spending hikes and tax cuts come n you will see a slash of spending of 500 billion dollars over the next 10 years and nine percent in speppeding alone. joining us is ceo of concerned veterans for america and u.s. army veteran himself. pete, nice to see you and merry christmas to you. >> thank you for having me. >> clayton: defense cuts set to take place in the end of the year .
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president obama knows this and set to expire is the bush era tax cuts . what impact will this have on the military? >> it will have an across the board impactit sequestration is so bad. we'll get across the board training to maintenance and to the next weapon system and on base things provided for families and tri-care. it hits everything. secretary panetta called it a meat axe. our readiness will be stunted by sequestration . it is bad policy. >> clayton: republicans agreed to it. you agree and say this is never going to happen. because we will get this thing done . now eight days done. is it possible to go through with a fine tooth comb and pick through. senator sessions said the
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fiscal cliff is like three days away. we have to read it to sign off on it. >> that's the worst. no, this is not time. let's reform it and go about it with a squaple. meet axe hacks it across the board. either we are going off of the cliff or bad short-term deal that kicks the can down the road. we need to reform quick kick in the can. >> clayton: secretary panetta, set to take over him. white house looking at possible options and name that is bandied about is form are senator chuck hagel. critics slammed him of course and looks like the white house is trying to go in a different direction. others say give him a shake. go back to and see he is a
3:19 am
fair-mind guy. >> i think he's the wrong pick at the wrong time. lack of support of israel and unwillingness to call the iran revolutionary guard a terrorist organization and he stepped back from action against iran and he was one of the biggest critics . one telling us that the surge couldn't work. that was always here from chuck hagel. that's not the kind of guy i want leading the defense department>> clayton: yet he has a lot of friends in the senate. >> sure . well liked. you know how they are, it is a buddy club. you hear the criticism out friend and you get in the buddy club and it goes in a different direction. we saw hesitation from not
3:20 am
just republicans, but from democrats about this pick. usually if it is a shoe in you hear about it early on. there is equivocation and forceful rebeautal. it is not the right time for hagel. >> clayton: peat hegseth. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> clayton: head of the nra said call me crazy. but doubling down on armed security guards in all schools. is that a good idea? we report and you decide. a special christmas message and have we forgotten the reason for the season? ♪ ♪ lso find us in person, with dedicated support teams
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>> rick: quick headliners. former president bush may not be home for christmas. the 41st president still needs to buildp his strength. he was hospitalized since november 23rd for a cough . final farewell for senator
3:24 am
inouye. he was 88 years old and second longest serving senator in u.s. history. >> gretchen: christmas is almost here and we hit the big day and then we spend time with our loved ones and the next guest it is time to ask yourself one simple question. are we forgetting the reason for the season. we have the rev lend here and joins us with a great christmas message. good morning to you sir. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: you believe that faith sustains us through this time and many people experienced tragedy. something about the situation in connecticut and many people are worried about the government and going over the fiscal cliff and others have personal things going on in their lives . what is your message to sustain them through christmas? >> this is a difficult season
3:25 am
for the people in the wake of the tragedy we saw in connecticut. continuing economic recession that we face as a nation and partisan grid lock we see in washington and so many other challenges that face americans every day. it is difficult and easy for us to lose sight of the real meaning and it is not only gift giving, but joy and peace and fellowship for one another. that is the representation of christ's own birth. he came to have life that we have it more . it is all celebration because christ came in the world and this is celebrating love and fellowship. >> gretchen: if you happen to believe in christmas and your children ask you the true meaning, often times they confuse it with the gift giving x. the real reason is the birth of christ if you believe in that, right?
3:26 am
>> absolutely. jesus' birth is the reason for the season . what is important for americans to recognize in the hour of great challenge, this season represents a certain hope and love and faith and trust and charity beyond our own understanding. christ came in the world and good came in the form of man that we have the kind of joy and peace that is represented by the season and unlike any other season in the year, gretchen, the christmas season represents the things . in this hour considering the pending cliff and all of the partisan. we have remember that jesus is the reason for the season and whether we are red, white or blue, we are all americans and we celebrate christ's birth for that reason. >> gretchen: i can't say it better .
3:27 am
i will leave it there and thank you for joining us with the christmas message of inspiration. >> merry christmas, gretchen. >> gretchen: merry christmas. head of the nra has a message for you. >> if it is crazy to call for putting police and security in our school to protect our children. then call me crazy. >> gretchen: that is wane lapeer, he will stick to his guns and refusing to back down to the critics. santa just got grinched. doesn't he get a free pass. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you realldon't want to pay more than you have to.
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>> clayton: it is your shot of the morning. santa claus hit with a parking ticket. one los angeles parking enforcer bought himself a ticket to the naughty list. the man dressed as mr. clause tried to fight it for an expired meter. >> gretchen: can you imagine getting into it with santa claus. i don't want to pay that bill. >> clayton: there is no way to go back once you print it out. >> gretchen: we'll go from ho, ho, hompt disappearance of two friends baffling police searched by air and water. 21 year old wrackry and 20 yearose proscot were last seen in a house party on thursday. cops found no signs of disturbance of the home and there was no clues. lance armstrong might find
3:31 am
himself on the hook for 1.5 million. disgraced sicklist sued the britain sunday times that it took performing enhancing drugs. he received a settlement . now that the u.s. anti-doping agency concluded that he lead a massive cheating program, the paper wants its money back and. a world war ii soldier blown back home. he and others died when the playplane crashed in the mountains between france and italy. it took decade toz recovery the wreckage. he was identified through dna testing. one oregon mom gets a special early christmas gift from her son. >> merry christmas.
3:32 am
>> i can't believe it. >> gretchen: that is sailor jeremy fogul. his mom didn't think he would make it home. sue said the surprise means that because jeremy spent last christmas in afghanistan as well >> clayton: merry christmas to all of the brave men and women around the world. this debate is not going to go down soon. the debate over gun control in this country . this comes on the heels of what happened on friday whenways conference that was critized and he was set to go on meet the press this weekend and everybody was going to see if he would offer up a
3:33 am
consession. he's not budging at all. >> if it is crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our scol call me crazy. i tell you what, i think the american people think it is crazy not to do it. it is the one thing that keeps people safe and the n ra will do that. we'll support the appropriation before congress to put police officers in the school. they protect the president. they protect the capitol. they protect office buildings and most of the med yampt i know you don't have armed guards here. most of the media are protected by armed guards. why can't protect our most precious resource. >> clayton: he said it is the one thing that can be keeping our kids safe. it is not one thing that keeps
3:34 am
our kids safe. he all talked about columbine in century situation . columbine had an armed guard. is one of many things. >> rick: will he come out with a broader. he is the head of the nra. that is thinking and one thing from the nraa point of view is more guns. >> gretchen: that is a great point. as parents, you are kind of hamstrung on this issue. obviously you want your kid toz go to school and be safe whether it is it a shopping mall or movie theater. but i am not sure we are to that point as parents. are we at a point where we are comfortable with this is part of our culture now and that our kids will grow up knowing to be safe they needed armed people. it is the cart before the
3:35 am
horse in a way. i don't know. shouldn't we try to be a less violent society first? before we say that -- it is a tough question. >> clayton: you take your kids to school and you hold their hand and you want them to be safe. but is it what you want them to see walking by an armed guard? you want them safe, but is this where we are now as a society? that they have to walk past an armed guard. >> gretchen: maybe it would be conceal i get all of that, but it is still a cultural question for me. >> rick: i remember a point in my life when i saw guns on public in guards in a public place. i was 18 or 19 years old in another country. first i was uncomfortable with it. now we go around and we see it all of the time. at what age do you want that to come in your consciousness. at 18 as an adult or something
3:36 am
at five and six that you want to have your kids that? >> clayton: if you lisis to a former congressman who heads up the nra effort on this issue. he talked about this on sunday talk shows as well >> compare it back to the federal air marshall program on airplanes, there was intense debate that on airplanes gups have no place . yet we have a federal air marshall program that i helped tod oversee and provided a deterient and increased the safety of the airlines and not like an armed camp on the airlines it is discreet use of armed guards that protects america. >> brian: there is a cost issue. >> gretchen: not to mention that schools are in a budget crunch to begin with. >> rick: he suggested a volunteer force . they are talking about because
3:37 am
it would be a costs, he's suggesting that it could be a volunteer. >> gretchen: for people who have retired >> chris: right, right. >> gretchen: most of the time they take jobs they are paid. i don't know if we would get a whole army of volunteered people who would do that. wayne lapeer continues his talking point and he blamed the media for so much attention on one issue . connecticut shootings. there is a lot of talk about mental ilwhat sparked the young man to go on the rampage. he thinks that the media is only thinking of one part. >> there is a media in this country that wants to blame guns and there is industry, and they always try to say it is because americans own guns. i am tell you you what i think will make people safe.
3:38 am
when they drop their kid off in school in january if we have a police officer in the school. a good guy and some horrible monster tries to do something they upon be there to approximate protect. >> clayton: that is one of the things in the press conference. instead of talking about guns and need for assault weapon's ban which is what commissioner ray rel kelley was disdisappointed. he was hypocritical. one thing we can do is this to keep our kids safe . nra lobbied on keeping the database out of letting people know that machine is amazing assault weapons f. they were aware and knew that these guys had assault weapons. aurora shootingings -
3:39 am
shootings may not have happened. they could see he was troubled at school and see that he had issues and neighbors complaining about him. that could have led to people protecting him in colorado. >> rick: it will have to be done with multi-faceted approach. it can't be one idea solution. but the one thing, i want to make sure happens in this that is disturbing. we are see fresh off of the massacre and already in the conversation without remembering the families was 26 people who lost their lives. that has to stay especially on christmas eve . family in connecticut dealing with it. not only the families who lost loved ones but the entire community and have this conversation and not keeping those people in the mind. that has to stay in the forefront. >> gretchen: great point.
3:40 am
especially that we are at christmas eve today. call it faith under fire. military recruit in west point, asked to stop praying. can prayer really be ban add? we'll report for you and you decide. >> clayton: some kids lost all of their storms to super storm sandy . one man delivering the toys to the kids who lost their lives. initiated. neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete.
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>> gretchen: a minnesota man barely escaped a military crash. it was landing in the backiard when the chopper mal function and caught on fire. the son rescued his father and the pilot suffered only minor injuries. it could be the way of the future. a growing number of tech companies using robots to help them in work. it helps to give them a physical presence in the workplace each though they are not there. back upstair to rick. >> rick: a christmas miracle in bellharbor new york. a man in new york walks the
3:44 am
streets and hand delivered to kids toys. he is called santa claus. political consultant michael turned santa claus. thanks for coming in here. first of all tell me about your mom. she was the inspiration behind the story. >> yes, thank you. this is all due to my mom elane, the most wonderful woman in the world. mom, i love you and everybody if you want, you can thank my mom, to thank me for my mom. she instilled christmas spirit in me and i am glad to bring it to the world. >> rick: when sandy happened, a lot of people didn't expect us to be talking about the impacts of the storm. you are seeing it and what is it like there now for people here in this christmas? >> surprisingly enough.
3:45 am
you can still see a lot of suffering going on and a lot of people are squatting in other people's homes and living without power and debris scattered everywhere. i would lick to mobilize more volunteers to get out there and clean up the debris and cleep up the mold and so they can rebuild. >> rick: a lot of people give, and it is great when people give gifts and toys for tots, but you happening it is important that they see the santa claus face. so what is it like for you and how does that make a difference to the kids? >> i felt that i didn't want to be just come here and get a toy type of thing. i wanted it to be personal and the target audience is can kids who lost toys in the hurricane . the best way to do that is do it myself. you know the old adage. you want it right, you do it
3:46 am
yourself. >> rick: you dress up as santa claus. >> i do. >> rick: what is the reaction. >> from the children, it is priceless. they have been through so much. i can't imagine what it feels like for them to lose their toys and for one moment to be able to bring a smile on their face and their parents is priceless. >> rick: like a little bit of the hope. you are trying to take it to a bigger level and you started ation. >> it is called the sandy clause foundation looking to raise enough money world wide from global corporations and celebrities and private citizens and small donations and the idea is that if everyone in the world donates one dollar. i will be able to fix every home in brooklyn and queens and staten island and new jersey and have money left over and continue to keep this
3:47 am
going. >> rick: you are trying to get the letters to sandy clause. >> the sandy clause foundation is collecting data and i have santa's helpers collecting spread sheets and letters from residents on the that have issues. i have a national spotlight i want to be a voice for those who are not heard. i would love to make a difference that way . fix each home one by one. i would like to say one person gives a nail and one person gives a hammer and then we have a home and we could rebuild our entire area it is a lofty goal. i dream big. >> steve: it starts with one person who has a dream to do this. >> i am glad and prive liged to be that purpose and i look forward to seeing how far we take it. >> rick: thank you for what you are doing.
3:48 am
>> thank you, have a good day. >> rick: could going over the fiscal cliff be a victory for the president in what does donald trump thing. faith under fire. military crew in west point asked to stop praying. can prayer really be banned. ♪ ♪ my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete.
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>> gretchen: welcome back to "fox and friends" on christmas eve. prayer is a tradition in west point for over 200 years. americans united for operation of church and state calling for a ban on all prayers in the military academy. they should be able to train without having religion forced on them. joining me with reaction is executive director for the dr. ron cruise who is a retired army chaplain. good morning to you, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> gretchen: we see a situation in west point.
3:52 am
one cadet who was an athiest felt uncomfortable with taking part in involuntary prayer, your reaction. >> it is a shame we don't respect the pluralism. can prayer in west point went back from the founding of our country and we need to respect the religious beliefs of all. those who believe and those who don'tment those who believe have every right to prayer and those who don't believe opt out of the prayer. we need to remember that our founding fathers, george washington upon his appointment as commander-in-chief in the army. one of his first acts was to ask congress to authorize chaplains in every brigade so that religious services could be held. prayer is fundament will in the lives of our soldiers from the beginning of our country
3:53 am
and west point would do well to resist efforts by athleast advocates. >> i read a portion of that statement from the group that wants to do away with it. they gave the academy 30 days to end prayers at official events it is my aif they don't end the prayer a lawsuit will follow. >> there is always the possibility. this group threatened the lawsuits against militaris and nativities and any observance . religion and they fail to realize that our first amendment doesn't say freedom from religion but freedom of religion and we need to respect the rights of those who believe and those who don't believe. we want to encourage west point because we believe they have every right to continue the practice that wen on in
3:54 am
that fine constitution to allow voluntarily prayer and vents ceremonis and they have every right . they are working to provide a legal analysis to provide and resist these efforts by the organization. >> this is a point that i don't understand and a lot of people agree with this. if it is voluntarily why are we in a situation in 2012 if the majority. if it is voluntary people can opt out. why do we acies to the one person who doesn't want to optin. we need to respect and of course, we respect those rights of those who don't believe in prayer. but they should also respect the rights was those who do believe in prayer and give them every opportunity it express their religious beliefs. every american, eapproximately those who wear the uniform should be allowed to exercise
3:55 am
their religious liberty and that includes praying . acknowledging that there is a god. that goes back to the founding of our country. we believe in diversity and respecting one another and we are asking that from the other side. they should respect the rights of those who do to be able to pray. >> director ron cruise. a fitting guest on this discussion today. merry christmas to you, sir. merry christmas, gretchen, thank you. >> coming up on "fox and friends", could going over the mechan cliff be a victory for president obama. some say that is exactly what the president wants to happen. what does donald trump think in >> how much does santa claus make for delivering toys big guy scalry just revealed.
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- ♪ 'cause people got me questioning ♪ ♪ where is the love - ma'am. you forgot your purse. - thank you. oh. thank you very much. - a message from the foundation for a better life. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. thanks for sharing your time with us today. it's monday, and it's december 24. it's christmas eve, merry christmas, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. could it be a merry cliff mas to you? one republican law maker says president obama actually wants to dive over the cliff. >> i think the president is eager to go over the cliff for political purposes. >> gretchen: is that true? donald trump will give us his
3:59 am
thoughts. >> rick: that would be a not so merry christmas. as millions hill the road, will it be a white christmas or a wet christmas? we've got your holiday forecast coming up. >> clayton: then, make merry christmas law. meet the law maker fighting to save christmas in our schools. "fox & friends" hour two begins right now. >> good morning. this is your camera operator, chris chulo, and i'm wishing you a very, merry christmas to all. >> gretchen: you got philosophy it when we're giving kudos to the guys guys and gals who stand behind our cameras. there is chris. >> clayton: it's chris who makes me so beautiful. >> rick: he forgot his hat for the photo op. ♪ . >> gretchen: now there is the italian music. >> clayton: where is your santa hat today? >> gretchen: that's the first time you've been mute since i've known you.
4:00 am
>> clayton: welcome to "fox & friends" on this christmas eve. we hope you're sending it with those you love and you got all your christmas shopping done. there are always last minute things to die -- you have to buy because you never think you have enough. >> gretchen: i'm not one of those people, just a few extra things. i'm joined by two guys that i couldn't have more happiness with today. clayton morris from the weekend "fox & friends" and rick reichmuth is filling in on the side of steve. >> rick: happy to be here. >> gretchen: let's kick off with some headlines. unfortunately, a fox news alert which is not good news this morning. a short time ago, nato confirming that a civilian u.s. contractor was shot dead by an afghan police woman in kabul. officials say the shooter is in custody. it happened outside police headquarters there. authorities treating the incident as a possible inside job again. at least 52 members of nato forces have been killed alone in
4:01 am
those so-called green on blue attacks. marine veteran recently released from a mexican jail expected home today after being hospitalized. jon hammmar and his father driving back when he had to be taken to an emergency room in louisiana. his mom says he was suffering from the stomach flu. the 27-year-old was locked up for four months on a weapons charge in a mexican prison. he tried to legally bring an antique gun across the border, but clear to do -- that was cleared to travel with him on the u.s. side. when he reached mexico, he was handcuffed and whisk to do prison. he had been rumored to be president obama's top pick for defense secretary. but former nebraska senator chuck hagel, republican, drawing strong criticism from both sides of the aisle for his views on israel, iraq and gay rights. earlier on "fox & friends," a ceo for concerned veterans for america says picking him would send a wrong message to the men and women bravely serving our nation. >> iraq war veteran myself, he
4:02 am
was one of the biggest critics at the most critical time, the one telling us we couldn't win our war, the surge couldn't work. that voice was always here from chuck hagel. i don't think that's the kind of guy i want leading the defense department. >> gretchen: the white house says no decision has been made about that post yet. major winter storm that dumped rain and snow in the sierra nevada in california is heading east. nearly half the nation from texas all the way up to maine could see a white christmas. let's go to rick for our forecast. >> places in the sierra nevada got six feet of snow in two days. that's a ton. >> gretchen: good for skiing! >> rick: which i'm going. take a look at the weather map. here is your cold temperatures you see today across parts of the plains. kansas city only to 28. that right there is that cold line that's going to meet up with this storm that just brought all the rain and snow across parts of california. this morning, rain toward l.a.,
4:03 am
but the majority of this system is now pulling into the four corners. later today, it will merge toward the plains and cause problems. i'll show more in a second. here is the other storm across parts of the southeast. this is just light rain, not real windy. but it's going to be a snow maker. you see those gray colors, that's one to three inches of snow that will accumulate tonight into tomorrow morning. if you live across parts of west virginia, maryland, into pen, clayton, in towards upstate new york, some people waking up in the morning with snow. nice clean snow, which is perfect. the problem spot is going to be across the west 'cause this storm is going to be a major storm. not like that minor storm there. we'll see very significant snowfall totals tomorrow across parts of oklahoma. some spots up to six inches. that becomes a wednesday, thursday mess across the northeast. one other thing, tomorrow that same snow will bring severe
4:04 am
weather across the south. from houston, towards atlanta toward macon and the panhandle of florida, threat for severe weather. but the bull peace's eye, where you see the red, potentially dealing with a threat tomorrow for large tornado, destructive tornadoes on christmas day. if you're in the south, have a weather radio. when you're getting christmas plans ready, keep an eye outside. it could be a deadly and dangerous day tomorrow on christmas. >> gretchen: okay. it's time to bring in donald trump who usually joins us every morning, the author of "time to get tough." a merry christmas to you, donald. >> good morning. you, too. >> gretchen: you sound like you just got up. >> no. i've been up for a long time. i've been watching your show. actually i've been watching your show for the last hour. >> gretchen: thank you very much. >> clayton: is there anything that stands out to you as excellent from the show? >> i think the folks running the snow show are doing a brilliant job.
4:05 am
[ laughter ] >> rick: nice try fishing for that. >> gretchen: let's talk about -- let's get off the topic of the anchoring and get into the fiscal cliff which is not a great discussion if you're one of the people trying to solve it. senator barasso yesterday on some of the talk shows said maybe the president actually wants to go off the cliff. listen to this. >> i think the president is eager to go over the cliff for political purposes. i think he sees a political victory at the bottom of the cliff. >> gretchen: you agree with that? >> i think there is a possibility of it. i know he'd love to make some kind of deal. the whole thing and the whole charade going on in washington is politically irresponsible. what's going on is unbelievable. and that a deal can't be made with these people sitting around for years talking about it. we're not talking with over the last week. we're talk being for years they've been talk being this subject. and they still can't make a deal. really what it shows is no leadership in washington.
4:06 am
we have no leadership and it's totally irresponsible to this country. >> clayton: you obviously have your pulse on wall street you and know how the business community is reacting already to this. in fact, i was raiding a report this morning that the fiscal cliff has hit for many businesses because they're having to finalize their payrolls for 2013. what are you hearing to the leaders that you're talking to? >> i call it a curve and i think it's not as big a deal as a lot of other people think because ultimately something is going to happen. and what should happen is no plan b. for plan b to go is crazy. and they should go for the big plan or no plan whatsoever because what's going to happen is taxes will go up and then all of these republicans that signed the so-called pledge are going to be able to reduce taxes, and therefore, they haven't violated their pledge because they'll be reducing taxes. not increasing them. a deal will be made. but it's got to be the right deal. regardless of cliff or curve, it's got to be the right deal.
4:07 am
we have to get this country back on track. and it is just so incredible what is taking place. i've been watching this and you've been watching it and been reporting on it very well for years. this isn't just something that's taking place now. this has been going on for years. >> rick: it seems to be one of those things that we're in this process where we never get anything done until the very last minute. it's like studying for exams and cramming and wake up the next day you and feel kind of gross about the way you handled stuff. and it seems like this is what we're in. in the same form, plan b wasn't passed last week, so everybody goes home, which infuriates a lot of people. but listen to what the senator amy said on abc this week about congress needing to get back to washington. >> i think most members suspending that, it's time to get back to the table. i hope if anyone sees them
4:08 am
shopping or getting their christmas turkey, they wish them a merry christmas, they're civil and then say, go back to the table. not your own table. the table in washington because middle class people shouldn't have their taxes go up an average of $2,000 a year and we should start making meaningful reform on the debt. >> rick: did you think it was bad for them to go home or is it obvious they're going to go home or how quickly can they get back? >> i think it send has very bad signal you and see the president playing golf and you see lots of other people doing lots of nice things with them and their family and in the meantime, the country is in limbo. but you're looking at what's going on and you see the -- i mean, the lack of cohesion in washington probably maybe in history there has never been anything like it. and we have to make the big deal. i have to say this, the republicans, believe it or not v a very strong negotiating position because -- >> gretchen: what is it? >> the debt ceiling is coming up. and the debt ceiling is coming up in another month and a half and the debt ceiling is going to
4:09 am
be devastating to the democrats if the republicans want to play that card. so the republicans have tremendous chips on their side and i just don't understand why they're a small plan b and a temporary measure. they should negotiate the entire thing. maybe including debt ceiling, but they should use the debt ceiling to make a great deal and make the kind of deal they want to make. the republicans have power of negotiation and i don't think they know it. i feel that they feel they don't have the cards. >> gretchen: yeah. >> they have all of the cards. >> gretchen: it's interesting because you've made huge deals in your life so you would know what it is to sit at the table and get something done. do you blame only president obama or are you also blaming john boehner to a certain extent? >> i guess you have to blame everybody. i didn't like the fact that they went in for a vote the other day and didn't have the vote. that didn't look good for anybody. and it certainly didn't look good for the republicans. the democrats loved it. but that was a momentary -- that
4:10 am
was just a time in place. look, the republicans are sitting there with a nuclear weapon, so to speak. they have debt ceiling coming up. they can use that as part of this negotiation. and they should. and they shouldn't settle unless the deal is a great deal for this country. not for the republicans or democrats. unless it's a great deal for the country. we have to straighten this country out. this country is a mess. and we have no leadership and we have to straighten it out now and stop talking. whether they go on vacation or not, not good. sends a bad signal, but we have to straighten this country out and shouldn't do plan b -- they're all temporary. we should do the final plan or no plan. go over the cliff if you want. i don't call it a cliff 'cause i don't think the repercussions will be so great. i may northbound a minority. i don't think -- a deal is going to be made, but the big deal should be made. knows these small temporary
4:11 am
deals. >> clayton: instead of maybe having a bad christmas with those thoughts in our head, we want to leave it with you with what your christmas plans are. do you have any good christmas plans? leave us on a positive note, donald. >> well, i want to say there are a lot of positive things. first of all, we're the greatest country despite all of the above. we have in the greatest country ever, the greatest country in the world. i love it. you love it. and it's going to get done and i'm down in florida. i love florida. i've been here a lot and more and more. it's a great state. and very -- an amazing place when you see what's going on in florida and other places, great things can happen in this country. and great things are going to happen in this country. but in all fairness, washington has to get its act together. >> gretchen: we're pictures of you with your beautiful wife and great kids. we hope you have a very merry christmas with everyone that you love and care about today and tomorrow, donald. >> thank you very much.
4:12 am
and to all of you the same. enjoy the year. we're going to have a great year hopefully for this country. hopefully. >> clayton: that's what we want to hear. have a merry christmas. >> thank you very much, you, too. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," from hollywood to capitol hill, is actor ben affleck eyeing a senate run? he just opened up about it. >> rick: who is the most dreaded christmas guest of all? your e-mails are pouring in on this one. we're going to be reading them ahead [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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4:14 am
>> gretchen: 14 minutes after the top of the hour. well in the wake of the tragic shooting at sandy hook elementary in connecticut, many people are turning to faith in order to cope. here with advice on how to keep faith in the face of personal or public tragedy is dr. robert jeffers, the pastor at the first
4:15 am
baptist church of dallas and author of "how can i know answers to life's seven most important questions." a fitting title for what we're going through right now. very good to sigh. good morning. >> good to be back with you. thank you. >> gretchen: so so many people, they see a horrific situation like what happened in connecticut and even if they are a person of faith, they ask, how could this have happened? why would god let this happen? i know ministers around the country and the world grapple with that question. correct? >> they do. and i think we have to be careful, gretchen, to say there aren't any easy answers to those questions. but there are search things that the bible does tell us. first of all, evil is not the result of what god has done. it was cs lewis who said the atrocities in the world are committed by human beings with guns, bayonets and gas chambers. secondly, we can know that somehow god is able to take the
4:16 am
worst evil in the world, like those shootings in connecticut, and some inexplicable way he can use it for good. after all, god took the murder of his own son and used it to bring salvation to the world. perhaps the most hopeful thing we can know when we're going through a time of suffering is that evil won't have the final word. the christmas story doesn't end with a manger in bethlehem. the christmas story ends with an empty tomb. that word, jesus christ born in bethlehem, he grew up, died to provide forgiveness and he conquered the power of death. the great hope for those connecticut parents is that one day they're going to see their children again. that's the hope of christmas. >> gretchen: so have you had people come to you after this -- i mean, you have a huge congregation in texas. what are sop of the things you have heard from your parishioners? >> well, i think this tragedy
4:17 am
struck people like none other in recent memory. there is something about losing a child that is particularly painful and there is no way i think we can enter into it. but i think one thing people want to know is does god understand? does god offer any help for a tragedy like this? and again, the christmas story is that god is not some distant deity like those mythological gods, but god actually took on human form. he came to earth. he experienced every heartache that we experience. he knows what it's like to be betrayed by friends. he knows what it's like to stand over the grave of a loved one. he knows what it's like to feel abandoned by god and that means when we go through difficulties, whatever they are, we can talk to a god who understands this. >> gretchen: sometimes people go through a personal tragedy, they turn away from god because they feel like why? why did this happen? your new book that's about to come out answers some of those
4:18 am
questions. "how can i know answers to life's seven most important questions." what are you going to tell people. >> well, i was on your network just a couple of hours after the shooting in connecticut and i was talking to a representative from the american atheist association. i said, the fact that you care about this tragedy, that you care about evil is proof that there is a god. why is it we as human beings call evil evil and we don't call it orange or purple? there is nothing in evolution to explain why it is that we are repulsed by evil like that in connecticut. the only explanation is we are created in the image of god who hates evil. so in a strange way, these kind of tragedies actually prove that there is a god. >> gretchen: very interesting analysis. doctor, pastor of first back up fist church of dallas. thanks so much. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox &
4:19 am
friends," guess how much santa claus makes for delivering toys to good boys and girls all around the world. somebody found out. was it rick or clayton who found out the big guy's salary? one of them is going to reveal it to you coming up next. then, make merry christmas law? you're about to meet the texas state representative fighting to keep christmas in our schools. that's coming up next
4:20 am
4:21 am
4:22 am
>> clayton: time for news by the numbers. $135,000. that is santa's estimated salary were he to receive a paycheck. according to an insurance web site, up 1.5% from last year. next, 62%. that's how many americans go to church on christmas eve or on christmas day. and finally, 30.8 million. that's how many real christmas trees were purchased in the united states last year.
4:23 am
rick? >> rick: there are still a lot of them available. i wonder what happens to those who don't get sold. a texas law maker is spreading christmas cheer by introducing legislation he likes to call the merry christmas bill. the law would allow texas public schools to use holiday greetings like merry christmas and happy hanukkah, as well as display christmas trees and menorahs all without the fear of facing a possible lawsuit. texas state representative duane bohac is spear heading the bill and joins us now. i found this interesting when i was reading it. first of all, the initial inspiration from this came from your kids as you were picking them up from school. tell me how that happened. >> that's right. about a year ago, i picked up my son at the flag pole where i typically pick him up and i asked him how his day was. he told me that they had decorated their holiday tree with holiday ornaments. i asked him, what are you celebrating? he said the holiday is christmas. so i immediately went in and talked to the administration and
4:24 am
found out, i walked in sarcastically and said, can anyone tell me what holiday it is we're celebrating? i don't think it's easter or july 4 and we haven't quite gotten to new year's day yet. i believe the holiday we're celebrating is christmas. and we should call it a christmas tree. and they kind of set it o rest that they don't really use that word here, that they're more inclusive than calling a christmas tree a christmas tree. >> rick: you bring up a good point. when you and i were kids, it was very common, everybody said merry christmas to everyone at that time. and i grew up in a predominantly christian town. when i moved away into a larger city and eventually had some jewish friends in a town that didn't have a big jewish population, i suddenly became away there was hanukkah. we said things happy holidays to have an idea of inclusivity. but this has gone so far the other way. how do you think that transition happened? >> well, i think we've become so
4:25 am
politically correct, frankly speaking, that really our brains have fallen out. it is okay to say merry christmas. it is okay to say happy hanukkah. the supreme court has already weighed in on these issues and two landmark cases, the lynch case and the city county of allegheny. they've said you can call merry christmas. you can display a christmas tree. i think there is overcautiousness because schools districts from fear of literation and principals are fearful of retribution. so i think two things are going on here. that's what this bill, that's when my bill seeks to remedy. takes the supreme court ruling, which is out there and put it into state law so that school districts can point to this state law, house bill 308 and that has bright lines and gives them a level of safety when adopting their rules for the
4:26 am
holidays. that way we can call a christmas tree a christmas tree and a holiday party a christmas party for crying out loud. >> rick: that seems to logical. i can't imagine how you could ever come up with that. certainly seems -- everybody i know is absolutely fine with saying merry christmas, happy hanukkah, whatever it is. and i can never understand where the outrage comes and how we get ourselves into these binds. will you please come back and let us know how this bill goes when you -- >> i will. >> rick: and when will there be a vote on this? >> i think it will go through a processment it's a complicated process. it will be amended and changed and made better, it will go to the senator and go through the same process. if it passes, the governor will sign it. i think this bill has touch add chord across the country. we have received e-mails and feedback from states and town from all over america. and teachers are enough on their plate. they don't need to be worried about litigation. >> rick: i think so many of us would like to get back to where it's just easy. we wish somebody a merry
4:27 am
christmas and happy hanukkah. thank you for your time and joining us this morning, texas state representative, merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas and happy hanukkah. >> rick: there you go. thank you. who is the most dreaded christmas guest of all? your e-mails are pouring in on this one and we're reading them next. merry grinchmas and subbedy lou are here performing just friend" that's coming up
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
>> did we put you in an awkward situation. >> i'm going to put you in your christmas picture. look everybody, it's mom. just try to smile. >> i will, raymond. but this is not the present i wanted. >> gretchen: oh, oh there is a new survey out, of course that was from "everybody loves raymond." who is the most dreaded christmas guest? i think it's a little stereo typical, because the mother-in-law was at the top of the list. we've been talk being this this morning. i disagree with that because i think mother-in-laws provide a lot of love, first of all, but help! they come, they're in the kitchen, they're helping you wrap gifts, helping you make cookies. they're helping you take care of the kids. et cetera. >> clayton: i think that's why they're at the top of the list, because they provide so much help and because they come in -- >> gretchen: how do they get to be nasty? >> clayton: because the dads show up and like my dad will show up and other folks will show up and the guys just stand
4:31 am
around the turkey fryer with a beer in their hand and talk about yard work and the women are in the kitchen running back and forth, butting heads because they're trying to do things. >> rick: the help isn't exactly the kind of help you want, or it's the help doing it the way you want. >> gretchen: in the kitchen, i take all the help i can get. so you know what? my mother-in-law is fantastic in the kitchen and we just came back from seeing them. they get a bad rap. let me tell you who i think should get a bad rap? the screaming kids. >> rick: that's true. >> gretchen: notice to rick's uncle. watch out. >> clayton: we got e-mail this is morning. you're all over twitter on this one. george says, my son's in-laws could stand in for edith and archie bunker. i stay as far as i can get when they're here. >> rick: i would be there. >> clayton: that was pretty funny. >> rick: steven from illinois says, i wish i had my mother-in-law to drive me crazy.
4:32 am
i miss her during this time of year. >> clayton: stephanie, jamie writes us, our mother-in-law lives with us and every day it's christmas and you're right. it's dreadful. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: i'm hopefully it didn't say anonymous. >> clayton: keep them coming. >> gretchen: you can twitter us as well. now the headlines, the disappearance of two friends baffling police in the state of maine. 21-year-old zachary wells wellsd 23-year-olds are scott rice were seen in a party early thursday morning. the men were intoxicated, nothing indicates foul play and searches of the nearby area have failed to turn up any clues. from hollywood to capitol hill, ben affleck refusing to rule anything out when asked if he's thinking about running for senate in massachusetts. >> one never knows. i'm not one to get into conjecture. i do have a great admiration for
4:33 am
the political process in this country. big deal for me to come here and be on your show that i watch so much, but i'm not going to get into speculation about my political future. >> gretchen: okay. there will be an open senate seat in massachusetts if john kerry is confirmed as secretary of state. i wonder how his wife would feel about moving back to massachusetts. kate middleton and prince william breaking tradition this christmas. they'll celebrate the holidays at kate's parents' home instead of at the queen's estate. their decision, a disappointment to the queen. she recently invited the parents to be the first nonroyals to attend her christmas gathering. snooty toot toot. check out this beautiful christmas display in detroit. it's arranged by disable navy veterans dan taylor. look how fabulous that looks! he lost his leg because of complications of diabetes. but still he climbed the ladders and strung all those lights.
4:34 am
his neighbors call him super dan! >> you don't look at it as a disability or handicap. with god, everything is possible. so i just took my time and started hanging lights. >> gretchen: wow. dan's display, the ohm one on his block. he his says great nephews love christmas and he wanted to put up the display for them. congratulations, dan. that looks amazing! >> clayton: i know how difficult it is. i was up on the ladder and cutting up my hands. he lost a leg and he can do this. >> rick: i hope somebody helps him take them down. >> clayton: exactly. notice when you got a yard like that that's so great, all the other neighbors decide they're not even going to try. you see these houses and blink that go crazy, do you want to be the house that puts a candle in the window? >> gretchen: last week there was an example. the next-door neighbor up up a light that said ditto and with an repair row that pointed to
4:35 am
the other house. should you be expecting a white or wet christmas this year? rick is on the couch. so he's going to tell us all about the forecast. >> a little both. a little wet and white and very cold for a lot of people. look at the weather maps and you can see the temperatures as you're waking up this morning. it's brutally cold across parts of the plains. that cold air is in place now. we'll add moisture this afternoon and tomorrow across areas of the south and that's going to cause problems. right now, couple things going on. one is this storm that's out west dumped snow in the sierra nevadas over the last few days. this is the last in a series of storms. so you do get a break for a few days across california, which there will be much needed. that storm today brings snow across parts of the rockies. now down towards the southeast, there is another system, all rain right now. so a few possible delays in the airport, but not a major rainstorm. it will become a little snow storm. so where you see the little gray areas on the map, that's about one to three inches of snow that's going to fall tonight
4:36 am
into tomorrow morning. so waking up tuesday morning, a lot of kids will be happy with a clean layer of snow. i say clean 'cause after the snow has been there for a while, it's -- >> clayton: it turns to black mush. >> rick: across the west, did thank is where we'll continue to see more snow pile up. denver, get ready and oklahoma city possibly the bull's eye for up to six inches of snow by tomorrow and also christmas day, got to watch this. a big threat for tornadoes across the south. you hate to see that on christmas day. people are not paying attention to the weather and that potentially becomes deadly. >> clayton: speak of messy weather, it might make your trip home more difficult. our reporter lydia joins us live from la guardia airport this morning. when i see that many syllables, i screwtop. >> lydia is fine. don't worry about it. my married name is difficult.
4:37 am
blame my husband. right now things at la guardia are look good. according to triple a, more than 42 million people are expected to fly during this holiday season and 5 million of them will be traveling between december 22 and through new year's. i check the board, i'm seeing no delays. that wasn't the case on friday. here, in the new york tri-state area, more than 200 flights were canceled. on saturday we saw major delays because of the wind. soy guess it tapas to be a procrastinator because things are look good. if you're heading to grandma's house heading from new york, you're in good shape. of course, make sure you check your airline before you head out to the airport because as rick was mentioning, a lot of people don't pay attention to the weather 'cause they're excited to head to grandma's house. that's the latest here at la guardia. fox news, back to you guys in the studio.
4:38 am
>> gretchen: thanks. >> rick: the count down is on. a final day to run out and get those last minute christmas gift s. now from a target in dallas. what's going on in dallas r. there people there? does it look like there is a lot of line, mostly men, to get the shopping done? >> well, yes and no. not quite. you have some people in the parking lot, just depends on the store. some stores opening very early. so yeah, you've got a lot of folks. here at this target, the cars you see behind me, belong to the employees because target stayed open up until midnight last night. right now those employees, they are busy cleaning up. they are restocking. but the store will open at 8:00 o'clock this morning. get this, they will stay open up until 9:00 o'clock this evening, which is quite unusual. in years past, that was unheard
4:39 am
of because most malls and shopping centers, as well as outlets stayed open only up until 6:00 o'clock on christmas eve. that was it. you were out of luck. you have to resort to buying those last minute gives at the 7-11 store. but now things have changed. some stores, for example, stayed open 24 hours this week and macy's, toys r us, for example. some stores like best buy, they're going to be opening up at 7:00 o'clock this morning, which is unusual for them. that's quite early. but they will be closing at 5:00 o'clock this afternoon. other stores like toys r us, they are open right now. they open up at midnight and they will still stay open up until 10:00 o'clock tonight. so the rush certainly will be on later on today. back to you guys. >> gretchen: all right. thanks so much. i don't know what your traditions are, but the swedish tradition is that you open all your gifts on christmas eve. so you can not go to the store if you're swedish late at night like that. got to have it all done by this
4:40 am
afternoon. >> gretchen: i got to wait 'til the next day. i couldn't handle that. >> gretchen: sorry. our next guest is a there who hates all the whos. he is stubborn and mean and he brought along a friend named cindy. >> rick: we're talking about the stars of the show "the grinch that stole christmas" going on at madison square guarden and they're here with a special performance. >> it's such a bad dream. it gave me a fright. do you think i can stay here just for the night? >> but i'm santa claus, darling, and it's christmas eve. well, the things i must do, you wouldn't believe. >> i understand, that when you'll be going back home to your family and friends. >> my what? >> your family, your friends. >> it depends. i suppose when i'm through with my work i'll go home. you see, santa claus always spends christmas alone.
4:41 am
>> you're all alone? >> well, i don't groan. >> all the time? >> it's not a crime! >> there is no one there? >> i don't care! >> but it's terrible, santa! that's foolish. that's wrong. no matter where you may be, you always belong! >> belong? ♪ sometimes when you're all alone ♪ ♪ . >> oh, no, a ballad ♪ ♪ christmas and there is no one home ♪ ♪ seems like nothing's in your stocking ♪ ♪ no one's knocking ♪ come be with me when -- believe me when i say ♪ ♪ you're my hero anywhere ♪ i'll be in your christmas stocking ♪ ♪ i'm the one who's knocking christmas day ♪
4:42 am
♪ covered lights, starring nights, snowflakes glistening ♪ ♪ i'll be listening ♪ i'll be true ♪ trim the tree ♪ look at me ♪ celebrating ♪ but i'm waiting ♪ for you ♪ promise you'll remember me ♪ doesn't matter where you'll be ♪ ♪ especially once the snow is gone -- snow is snowing ♪ ♪ i'll be calling ♪ even when we're far apart ♪ you've done something to my heart ♪ ♪ so this is how we stay my santa for a day ♪
4:43 am
♪ this will be our song ♪ you and i belong ♪ heart to heart together christmas day ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> clayton: the grinch that stole christmas will be playing at madison square garden until december 30. for more information, visit has back slash grinch. and we will leak to it on our web site. >> rick: next up, a powerful christmas message every parent needs to hear. how it can change your life forever. >> gretchen: a big reality star drops a christmas bombshell. bethenny frankel, big news is next. i have hope it's what i think it is. love her everyone loves surprise parties.
4:44 am
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4:46 am
>> gretchen: quick headlines. you see the two guys sitting next to me should have knocked me over the head before we went to commercial because i thought it would be good news for
4:47 am
bethenny frankel. i thought she was going to be pregnant again! , but no, no, no, and these two knew it. her husband of two years, they're separating! that's bad news n. a statement, frankle said, quote, it was an extremecally difficult decision that as a woman and mother, i have to accept it as the best choice for our family. the couple have a two-year-old daughter. very sad news. sorry to hear that. and it's christmas classic. but it turns out that "it's a wonderful life" was actually shot in the middle of july? newly reloosed photos reveal how they croat that had white christmas. they used the stuff inside fire extinguishishers, mixed it with sugar and water and sprayed it all over the set. >> clayton: i bet it tasted delicious. one would think there is nothing that could fix a ten-year-old feud between a father and son. for one man, it was an eight-hour conversation that changed his entire perspective dad about his dad and life. >> rick: here to remain us of the importance of relationships during the holiday season is nationally syndicated radio host
4:48 am
and author of the new book dear father, dear son, larry elder joins us now. >> good morning. >> rick: thank you for joining us. such an interesting book. i think the holidays bring out something in all of us, a desire to be closer to our families and yet sometimes some apprehension about what that experience is going to be like. but you forced yourself to spend eight hours with your dad to come to term with stuff and it changed your life. >> my dad and i had a very serious fight when i was 15 and we didn't have a serious conversation for almost ten years. i'm 25 years old at this point and i'm beginning to feel bad about not talking to my father. it wasn't that i thought we could resolve the relationship because i couldn't stand the sob growing up, nor could my two prosecutors. he is a former marine, tough guy, didn't carry his motions on his sleeve and we mistook that for lack of love. so we didn't like him growing up. i have this fight. we don't talk for ten years. i begin to think maybe i should at least sit down ask tell him
4:49 am
what i think about him. i can't say i thought i was going to resolve the relationship. i thought the conversation was going to last maybe ten minutes. we talked eight hours. during that period of time, he went from being this rotten, cold, s.o.b. to this kind, caring sensitive guy that i completely misunderstood. >> clayton: it's so often because tend to emulate our parents, right? >> we do. >> clayton: did you find yourself starting to do that in your own life, starting to act like your dad and maybe having to kick yourself and saying this is what i didn't like about him? >> that's exactly right. i turned 25 and started having responsibilities, started paying bills and you realize the kind of pressure that parents returned. when i sat down with my dad, i found out he did not know who his biological father was. the man was an alcoholic, abusive to his mom and my dad. he came home when he was 13, had a fight with his mother's than boyfriend, gets kicked out at age 13.
4:50 am
never to return. a black man, jim crow south in the middle of a great depression f. anybody had a reason to be hateful and mad, it was my dad. but he wasn't. he believed hard work wins and no matter how bad you're raised, you should know the difference between good and evil. >> gretchen: i had the opportunity o view somewhere view you about this story when the book came out so i know that ultimately your dad knew that you were going to put this book together before he passed on. right? >> that's right. he died last year. he always asked me, as i was writing the book, why are you writing about my little life? i said dad, your life can inspire people. 70% of black kids are borrowed outside of wedlock, 50% of hispanic kids. 25% of white kids are. if anybody had a reason to be a thug, a criminal and to be hateful, it was my father. but he wasn't that wait a minute he always told me f you're raised by apes like tarzan, you ought to know the value of hard work. >> gretchen: pick up this book. a lot of families will be talking about family
4:51 am
relationships. merry christmas to you. thanks for your time today. >> never too late to reconnect. >> gretchen: that's right. >> thanks. >> clayton: coming up, senator lindsey graham has harsh words for the president. >> he's been a pathetic fiscal leader. he's produced one budget and can't get one feet -- one vote for them. >> rick: you might just be waking up. guess what? santa is already working. we're tracking him as he makes his way across the globe already [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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4:53 am
4:54 am
>> clayton: it's christmas eve and you know what that means. santa and his reindeer gifting kids around the world. where is he right now? norad has been tracking his trip for the past 57 years, if you can believe that. here with an update is norad commander and u.s. army general charles gentleman kobe, junior. we want to let our viewers know, we have a six second delay from when i ask a second until when the general is able to hear because they're tracking santa. they're dealing with this at an air force base in colorado, so we have all this technology in the sky. general, how is he doing this morning? i know you've been tracking him early, just a few minutes ago
4:55 am
you started, right? >> good morning. it's a pleasure to be on. we started about two hours ago and we're off to a great start. santa is in fine form. he's on his task. lots of presents have been given out. like i said, we're off to a great start. >> clayton: so i understand if we put up some of the results that apparently he left the north pole a little while ago. he's over australia and guam at this hour. when is he projected to make landfall here in the united states? do you have any indication or idea about that, if the kids are wondering? >> sure. we can project that. of course, there will be changes enroute. santa is a little unpredictable, but we know for sure he's going to get the mission done. we expect he'll be over the east coast starting at about 9:00 p.m. this evening and he'll
4:56 am
be over the united states in general between 9 and midnight tonight. >> clayton: i understand, i was looking at some history of this and how norad got started tracking santa. am i right in my history that this all started with someone scrolled down the wrong phone number for people to get information, they ended up calling norad instead of where they should have been calling? is that right? >> it was destiny, you're exactly right. it was poorly transdescribed number on an ad in the newspaper in colorado springses. a young child thought she was calling to hear about santa. she got norad and norad turned to their radar scopes and picked up the mission and we've been doing it ever since. >> clayton: what about any bad weather? any bad weather out west wed into to know about, kids maybe not going to get toys because of the storm or is everything going to be okay?
4:57 am
>> nothing to worry about. we've been watching a few small storm systems. we feed that information to santa. he has all the latest navigational aids. we don't see any difficulties in getting every single present out this evening. >> clayton: not only protecting us here at home, they're also tracking santa. u.s. army general commander of norad general charles jacoby. merry christmas to you and thank you so much. coming up on the show. pastor rick warren says the nation has never been more divided since the civil war. find out who he says is to blame. then santa couldn't fit this gift under the tree. >> merry christmas. >> hi! you made it home. >> clayton: the awesome surprise from a navy sailor who saw his mom just in time for christmas. that's coming up. we'll be right back this holiday, share everything.
4:58 am
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really? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. the mileage card with speci perks on united. get it and you're in. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. merry christmas eve. it's monday, december 24, i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. to cost it be a merry cliffmas to you as americans get ready to celebrate, one thing is certain, congress is nowhere near a compromise. we're live in washington with the very latest. >> rick: the head of the nra has a message for you. >> if it's crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our school to protect our children, then call me crazy. >> rick: wayne la pierre doubling down and stick to go his gun, refusing to back down. >> clayton: as millions hit the road, will it be a white christmas or a wet christmas? we've got your holiday forecast
5:01 am
straight ahead. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> ho, ho, o happy holidays. you're watching "fox & friends." >> gretchen: all right. we hope you're enjoying your day off because he's not floor manager today. but it is christmas eve. we're joined by clayton morris and rick reichmuth who is here as well. you know him because he is on the weekend fox friends as well. good to see you. >> thank you. >> clayton: and here on an important day because as our chief meteorologist here at fox news channel, we need your expertise on the weather and everyone planning for what weather it's going to be a white, wet messy christmas. >> a little both and cold and snowy where it doesn't always snow, oklahoma, texas panhandle. >> gretchen: is that a cliff hanger for weather? you're going to get my joke in a minute because it's merry cliff mas. >> oh, okay. >> gretchen: i was trying. there is a little more than one
5:02 am
week left before the country goes over the fiscal cliff. your taxes will soar if congress and the president can't reach a deal. so steve is live for us in washington with the very latest. all right, good morning to you, steve. >> good morning, gretchen. yeah, the house as you know, tried and failed to pass some kind of a compromise on that fiscal cliff. now the spotlight falls on the u.s. senate. some kind of deal could have a better chance there because the senate is not as bitterly divided as the house. success depends partly on whether mitch mcconnell decides to filibuster any legislation. there is senate republicans who are willing to compromise in order to avoid the fiscal cliff. including kay bailey hutchison of texas and johnny isakson of georgia. >> time is running out. and the truth of the matter is, if we do fall off the cliff after the president's maturitied, he'll come back, propose just what he proposed yesterday in leaving washington and we'll end up adopting it.
5:03 am
why should we put the markets mn such turmoil and the people in misunderstanding or lack of confidence? why don't we go ahead and act now? >> the president is insisting tacks go up for the wealthy, but he's now scaled back his expectations for the rest of the year focusing only on a middle class tax cut and extended unemployment benefits. he said he still thinks some kind of deal can be reached, but that optimism is not shared by everyone. >> in the aftermath of the house republicans rejecting speaker boehner's so-called plan b, it's the first time that i feel it's more likely that we will go over the cliff than not and that, if we allow that to happen, it will be the most colossal consequential act of congressional irresponsibility? if no action is taken, tax also go up for everyone. 2 million people will go up for everyone and automatic spending
5:04 am
cut also kick in. as you say, merry cliffmas. >> clayton: as you heard senator lieberman blaming congress, it will be the worst blunder in congressional history. other members of congress pointing at the president, senator lindsey graham yesterday on the sunday talk shows calling the president's pathetic leadership on the fiscal cliff. listen. >> the president's been a pathetic fiscal leader. he's produced three budgets and can't get one vote for any of his budgets. boehner will be tip o'neill. obama needs to be ronald reagan. i would vote for revenue, including tax rate hikes, even though i don't like them, to save the country from becoming greece. but i'm not going to set aside the $1.2 trillion in cuts. any hope of going over the fiscal cliff must start in the senate. >> gretchen: a lot of people were upset because members of congress just can't seem to get their act together or the president, depending on which side of the fence that you're on of the they were upset that they went on christmas vacations. the president went to hawaii and
5:05 am
members of congress went home. both sides said we're going to come back to washington because we've got to solve the situation. i think what so many people are frustrated about is this is an ongoing situation. it's like every year we come to this point where we're talk being this cliff and this is what i think has angered so many voters and why congress has such a low approval rating. >> rick: they also got to this point because of their last time they did this. it was the last debt creating fight that deleted this thing. now they gave themselves an amount of time to work on it you and thought maybe last week there was a little progress being made. turns out there is not. we're back to exactly where we started at and we're eight days out now. >> clayton: you're right about that 'cause senator baucus, even back around thanksgiving, the senator from month month said oh, this is not going to get done, around thanksgiving. he said we will wait, as congress does, this will come to the 11th hour on the last possible day that we can pass a
5:06 am
deal. >> gretchen: typically big deals, that's how they work. because you wait 'til the last minute because everyone exercises their last bit of leverage and typically when it's a deal of this magnitude, that's what happens. >> clayton: they said they have to read it all. senator sessions said the fiscal cliff ends on the 27th of december. not the 31, because we have to read these things. we actually have to read the bill, sign off on it. we actually then have to get it approved by the congressional budget office to make sure the numbers jive. you can't wait 'til the last possible minute. >> rick: i think people would be satisfied if there was a big deal being made tend of it. if you got to the end and say, i'll stick around and wait because tend there is a grand prize, there is going to be a solution and we'll have answers. but we get to the end of this, and at this point, it looks like at best, there will be a piecemeal, something to tide us over until the next -- >> clayton: exactly. people are sick and tired of it. if it ends up being to your point, just a simple extension
5:07 am
where we've got to relitigate this thing in february after the state of the union address, can you imagine? this is why people talk about there being such a divided nation right now. pastor rick warren talking yesterday on fox news sunday with chris wallace, talk being he's never seen this country as divided as it has been since the civil war. listen. >> i don't know what the biggest accomplishment would be. i really don't know that. my biggest disappointment is the disunity. president obama ran saying i'm going to be a unifier and our nation is more divided than ever before. i think it's more divided than at any time since the civil war. that's disheartening to me. >> gretchen: he was asked what prefaced that piece of sound we just played four. rick warren was asked, what do you believe president obama's biggest accomplishment has been in the four-plus years of his president any actually just four years now, leading into four more years. and he couldn't come up with something. remember, rick warren wanted to have both of the candidates do
5:08 am
one of those seminar sessions together where they answered the same exact questions as john mccain and president obama did before president obama became president. many people loved that forum because they were asked the same exact question and it wasn't really a debate format and then romney and obama for whatever reason, if it was warren's decision or not, they did not do that this time around. this is the most forthright i've seen rick warren be when asked a political question. >> clayton: yeah, wasn't holding back. he usually do not want to weigh in too terribly much on political questions and tries to elevate the conversation, which he did here as well. but i think that just shows his frustration when you have pastor warren talking that way. it's troubling. fingers crossed. >> gretchen: let's do some headlines now. we have a fox news alert. nato confirming a civilian u.s. contractor shot dead by an afghan police woman in kabul. authorities are treating it as a
5:09 am
possible inside job again. at least 52 members of nato forces have been killed this year alone in the so-called green on blue attack where is we train the afghan military and then they turn the guns on the americans. marine veteran recently released from a mexican jail. he and his dad were driving to florida there when he had to be taken to an emergency room in louisiana. his mother says he was suffering from the stomach flu. the 27 yearly was locked up for four months on a weapons charge in mexico. he tried to bring an antique gun across the border. it was clear on the u.s. side. but when he reached mexico, he was handcuffed and whisked away. idaho republican senator mike crapo saying sorry this morning after a weekend arrest for drunk driving in virginia. in a statement, he says, quote, i made a mistake for which i apologize to my family, my idaho constituents, and any others who have put their trust if me.
5:10 am
i accept total responsibility and will deal with whatever penalty comes my way in this matter. crapo is a mormon and has said that he abstained from drinking alcohol. he was released on $1,000 bond. he's due in court in january. one oregon mom gets a special early christmas gift from her son. >> merry christmas. >> hi, jeremy. you made it home. >> gretchen: that is sailor jeremy fogel getting ready to deploy to afghanistan. his mom didn't think he would make it home before shipping out. but he and his dad decided to surprise her instead. sue says their surprise is especially meaningful because he spent last christmas in afghanistan as well. >> clayton: thank you so much. coming up here on the show, the head of the nra says go ahead, call me crazy. sticking to his guns on his call for armed security guards at all schools. is that really a good idea?
5:11 am
we report. you decide. >> rick: i thought he said call me maybe. >> clayton: no. >> rick: sorry. [ laughter ] >> rick: then off to grandmother's house we go. it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. we're live with an update on what you can expect. >> clayton: i hope that song goes away in 2012. (rocking around the christmas tree ♪ ♪ at the christmas party hop ♪ later we'll have some pumpkin pie and we'll do some caroling ♪ ♪ you will have a sentimental feeling when you hear ♪ ♪ voices calling @
5:12 am
♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪ ♪ hah @
5:13 am
>> rick: snow and rain on the west coast is moving east, meaning meaning it could spoil travel plans for those looking to return home after christmas. >> clayton: elizabeth prann is at the world's bizzest airport.
5:14 am
you're nice inside, tucked inside the airport not outside on a runway. >> yes. yeah. we go get to do our live shots inside. we're getting a good view. people traveling today seem to be in a pretty good mood because traveling delays aren't nearly what they were thursday and friday into the weekend. in fact, there were hundreds of flights canceled over the weekend. today there has been a dozen. we're looking up on the board, mostly flights are going out on time. the storm system that we're seeing are mostly in the southeast and the west. a lot of them rain. we're seeing a lot of people that aren't really experiencing a lot of flight cancellations. that being a good thing. however, we know this is one of the busiest travel days of the year. i met a nice young woman, alice, you have had sort of a little travel nightmare. i see your son, he's making the best of it. but you have had a little bit of a struggle. can you tell me about it? >> we came in from california on the red eye last night and we were supposed to be going to belize to meet my parents.
5:15 am
and we are not able to go 'cause my son's passport expired. so delta has been amazing. they rebooked all of our flights and very packed and they've been able to get us out right after christmas. >> you talked to a lot of folks who seem pretty positive. i see a lot of smiles faces. are you seeing a lot of passengers saying delta is accommodating? >> everybody is in a good mood. everyone last night, everything was a little delayed coming out of san jose and everybody sort of shuffled on it in and we got in on time and out on time. >> you're spending your christmas here in atlanta. that can't be too bad of a thing. >> that's right. christmas in atlanta. good advice on where to go and what to see. >> best of luck to you. i was leaving on a positive note, over the next 24 hours, we're hoping that travel stays this way. i know rick, you may have a better idea we may see more delays after the big holiday. back to you. >> rick: you said it. we'll be talk being a different story wednesday and thursday.
5:16 am
getting home for christmas good. you might have to be there longer than you wanted to be, elizabeth. >> clayton: thanks. the little kid, that's the best thing at the airport because it's walls and you can let the kid run wild you and got security. you can take a nap and let him run around. >> rick: i see where you do your baby-sitting. >> beth: i'm a good parent -- >> clayton: how one law maker is fighting to save christmas in our schools. >> rick: we all get excited about opening presents. how can you teach your kids that christmas is about more than just what's under the tree? some good advice coming up next from that man coming down the aisle. >> clayton: it's also about coffee. father john joining us you is
5:17 am
5:18 am
5:19 am
>> clayton: down here in the control room getting advice on last minute stocking stuffers. these guys know what to do. let me give you head lines. george h.w. bush may not be home for christmas. doctors say they are optimistic that he'll make a full recovery. but the 41st president still needs to, quote, build up his strength. he's been hospitalized since november 23 for a
5:20 am
bronchitis-related cough. our thoughts for a speedy recovery, mr. president. dramatics rescue at sea. vietnamese rescued a resident of melbourne, florida. he was drifting at sea on a disabled yacht for eight days. officials say he's in good condition and he was so hungry that he ate three packs of uncooked instant noodles. you have to be hungry to eat that. >> gretchen: all right. thanks so much. while christmas is the season of giving and we all love getting gifts from san tax it's important to remember that the holiday is not just about presents and shiny lights, but something more personal. joining us to explain is fox news religion contributor father jonathan morris. good to see you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: aptly you're here today on christmas eve as we look forward to christmas tomorrow. i know you want to tell a story that was inspirational to you. but i want to start with just how important it is to understand the true meaning of christmas, especially when we're talking to our kids and maybe
5:21 am
having a few family traditions to keep that meaning alive. >> sure. i always remember one fabulous family tradition that when we would run down the stairs to open up the presents, there is seven kids in my family, run down from the second floor to the first floor. my mom and dad would be waiting there. while we're checking out the gifts, we knew we would have to go to the crèche. and my dad would get down on his knees and lead the family in a prayer to baby jesus. a simple tradition that took one minute. but it left a lasting impression on my heart and soul that that's the meaning of christmas. it's a man named jesus of nazareth who was god made man and came to redeem us. >> gretchen: before we could open presents on christmas eve, which is a swedish tradition, we used to have to act out the play of mary and joseph and the baby with the kids. it usually ended up in a fight. [ laughter ] and most of us crying. we had to play our instruments and do a little christmas concert for all the relatives.
5:22 am
it was inspiration, by the time we got to our get,them. traditions are important, as well as understanding the meaning. i know you have a story to share. >> this just happened to me yesterday. christmas kind of snuck up on me this year with sandy and everything that went on here in the northeast and then the newtown, connecticut tragedy, all of a sudden i found that christmas. yesterday i went and visited a parishioner in the hospital who is dying, 80 years old, very good man of the i knew he was dying. but somebody had taught me along the way that when you're leaving the hospital as a priest, a tradition that i started through his example, i just said, is there anybody -- i asked the nursed, is there anybody who doesn't have any family that i could visit? because as a clergy member, they allow know do it. they said, well, there is someone, but he's not doing well. i said, well, take me to see him. and these two nurses, nervously walked me over. as soon as he saw us from above,
5:23 am
he started getting very angry, tahj tated. he started beating on his bed. he was lying there obviously dying. about 45 years old, of a terrible disease. and they said, father, let's get out of here. we can't handle this. i said, let me stay a little bit longer. i took one step closer and he started getting furious. they said, he's going to lose it here and there is blood all over his arms because of the i.v.'s. obviously. and i prayed god, help me to allow him to experience some sort of love or some sort of peace. i took one step closer and he got more furious. i said, well, baby jesus came, this little tiny baby, very nonintimidating at all. i got down on my knees and i went like this. and as soon as i did that, he started getting calm. i said, sir, i don't know your name, but jesus knows your name. and on this christmas, jesus
5:24 am
knows you're suffering and he loves you. he repeated, jesus knows my name and jesus loves me. by this time, four or five nurses came around and i said, would you say a prayer for me? and he put his hands like this. total calm, total peace. and he led one of the most beautiful prayers that i can possibly imagine. it's for people like this, no family, terrible suffering. all alone for whom jesus came. that's the meaning of christmas, isn't it? it's about redemption. it's not just about family even. it's about redemption and family and gifts, all of that is wonderful. but this man taught me the meaning of christmas last night. >> gretchen: we should all be thankful that you are in a position that you're in as well, that you could bring him that peace. >> he got me on my knees. it wasn't my idea, but he could not handle another human being in his presence. he was angry and it was the
5:25 am
position of baby jesus. nothing that allowed him to accept that god loved him and knew him. >> gretchen: wow. powerful story coming from father jonathan morris, one of the most respected people in all of fox news for sure and new york city. >> thank you. >> gretchen: merry christmas. >> thanks. coming up on "fox & friends," the head of the nra has a message for you. >> if it's crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our school to protect our children, then call me crazy. >> gretchen: wayne lapierre sticking to his guns, refuse to go back down from his critics. then, santa just got grinched. mr. clause got a park ticket. he couldn't even park his way out of that. ho, ho, humbug.
5:26 am
♪ christmas is coming round the again ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. ♪ ♪ ♪ . >> rick: time for your shot of the morning, called giggle with the goat. goats jumping around to the tune of "jingle bells." so far it has more than 7 million hits on youtube. >> clayton: all it takes, really. goats jumping jumping and add je bells music.
5:29 am
>> gretchen: okay. by the way, those goats are really cute until they're right next to you. >> clayton: then they want to eat your clothing. >> gretchen: yeah, pretty much munch anything f. very cute to very controversial. >> clayton: this is a story this everyone continues to talk about in this country and it is gun control and the issues surrounding the sandy hook massacre up in connecticut. it was compasser rated, the discussion by wayne lapierre, the ceo of the national rifle association on freeway friday when he held that press conference and he put forth the notion that one way to answer this problem right now is to get out there and put armed guards in all of our schools. he's stick to go his guns when he went on the sunday talk shows yesterday, when pressed on this very issue, take a listen. >> if it's crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our school to protect our children, then call me crazy. i'll tell what you the american people, i think the american people think it's crazy not to
5:30 am
do it. it's the one thing that would keep people safe. and the nra is going to try to do that. we're going to support an immediate exception before congress to put police in our school them do this every day. they protect the president, they protect the capitol. they protect office buildings. most of the media, i know you tonight have armed guards here action but most of the media, when i go around this country, they're protected by armed guards. why can't we protect our most precious resource? >> rick: there is some differences in that when you have the secret service who is protecting the president, the amount of training that they receive, and are continuously going through, is different than you might think a lot of the people that they could potentially place in schools. >> clayton: special forces soldier said when he heard that press conference, he said, we train every day to be able to shoot accurately. even then we don't always hit our target. so you have to have trained professionals in that capacity, he says, to do what wayne la
5:31 am
pierre wants. the other side is, look, if -- get rid of the signs in front of schools that say gun free zone so individuals know that these are not places that are just wide open territory for killers to walk in, maybe if there is an armed guard and there are individuals who have guns in -- who are license to do do it and train to do do it at our schools, that would act as a deterrent for somebody walking in. but we had that at columbine. there was an armed guard and 15 people were killed. >> gretchen: i covered that and i forgot that very interesting point. i think in both situations it's kind of the cart before the horse because wayne la pierre would say the media is immediately jumping to the idea we need to get rid of these kinds of rifles and so so-called devices. the other side would say, you're jumping right away to saying we need to have armed guards at school. rick, you brought up a great point a couple hours ago. we need to first maybe just sit back and remember the people and the families who were affected by this horrible tragedy.
5:32 am
and then maybe let's analyze the fact that it's maybe not just one thing that led to this. we have the mental illness discussion. there is a myriad of other things that worked into this situation. i'm not so sure that it's advisable for anyone to just jump to any conclusion. and as a mom, i'm not so sure i'm comfortable with just automatically saying, you know, i guess my kids will grow up in a society where we have this horrible violence and let's just have guards at school. maybe it's a good idea, but let's think it through. >> rick: do you want to give in to that as the solution immediately? this is obviously -- so many times we come up with quick solutions and ideas that aren't fully thought out. we've seen this with the fiscal cliff and so many things 2003. but this is something that is going to require so much from how people treat each other to children on playgrounds, to parenting, to mental illness. all these things. it's going to require something from each of us. >> clayton: you have mental allentown advocates saying don't
5:33 am
lump this on people who have autism. this is not about autism. the fact that guidance counselor money has been cut in schools. we can spend $6 billion putting guns with armed guards in schools, and yet we're cutting guidance counselors? these things all need to be discussed. former congressman is going to spearhead the nra's effort on this specific guns in schools issue. listen to him. >> let's compare this back to the federal air marshall program on airplanes. there was intense debate that on airplanes, guns have no place. yet, we have a federal air marshal program that i helped oversee in which has provided a deterrence. it increased the safety of the airlines and it's not like it's an armed camp when go on the airline. it's a discreet use of armed guards that has a presence there to protect america. >> clayton: we have an air marshal on the show on the
5:34 am
weekends, saying, that was an expensive program. that was the immediate reaction. getting them in aircraft right away. this is the security of our children. so you can spare no expense. >> gretchen: that's what makes it so controversial. >> rick: you also often go on a plane and you don't know if thereby somebody on the plane who is an air guard. but if go into a school, and there is somebody there you may or may not see the weapon. do you know that's the person? >> gretchen: good point. in the meantime, wayne la pierre with the nra took aim at what has been deemed the main stream media. he claims that they immediately jumped to one conclusion, as many people believe he did. >> i know there is a media machine in this country that wants to blame guns every time something happens. i know there is an anti-second amendment industry in this town. i know there are political leads that for 20 years tried to say it's because americans own guns.
5:35 am
i'm telling you what i think will make people safe and what every mom and dad will make them feel better, when they drop their kid off at school in january is if we have a police officer in that school, a good guy, that if some horrible monster tries to do something they'll thereby to protect them. >> clayton: the other side of the argument is, and to wrap this up, is the narrow focus that was the criticism that many people put forth, including ray kelly. he was disappointed in his initial press conference because he only put forward that idea. some discussion about mental illness. but no mention of assault weapons. people on twitter and facebook and others said the original assault weapons ban didn't work. and they're right. so they need to reexamine this. this is a discussion that washington needs to have 'cause that original assault weapons ban was ill conceived and didn't work properly. it was removed under george w. bush. there needs to be a broader discussion n. one person has all the answers. we need to be big enough as a society to realize that we -- no
5:36 am
individual has all the answers. we have need to come together and figure this out. >> gretchen: all right. let's get to some of your headlines now. he's been rumored to be president obama's top pick for defense secretary, but former nebraska senator chuck hagel drawing strong criticism from both sides of the aisle for his views on israel, iraq and gay rights. earlier, the ceo for american veterans says picking hagel would send the wrong message to those serving our nation. >> iraq war veteran myself, he was one of the biggest critics at the most critical times, the one telling us we couldn't win our war that. voice was always here on the home front from chuck hagel. i don't think that's the kind of guy i want leading the defense department. >> gretchen: the white house says no decision has been made yet about that post. lance armstrong might soon find himself on the hook for $1.5 million. back in 2004, the disgraced cyclist sued britain's sunday times for libel when it
5:37 am
reprinted claims made in a book that he took performance enhancing drugs. armstrong received a $484,000 settlement. now the u.s. anti-doping agency concluded he did lead a massive cheating program, the paper wants its money back, plus interest. a texas lawmakers trying to spread christmas cheer with ha he calls the merry christmas bill. it would let public schools there express greetings like merry christmas and happy hanukkah without facing a possible lawsuit. the school could display christmas trees and me in a ares. texas state representative bohac was on earlier to talk about the bill. >> i think this bill has touched a cord all across the country. we received e-mails and feedback from states everywhere. i think we've become so politically correct frankly speaking, that really our brains have fallen out. it is okay to say merry christmas. it is okay to say happy hanukkah. the supreme court has already weighed in on these issues and two landmark cases. >> gretchen: he says he was
5:38 am
inspired to push this bill when his son came home from school and said they decorated their holiday tree with holiday ornaments. yep. okay. so are we dreaming of a white christmas? tomorrow nearly half of the nation from texas to the state of maine could see one. let's go -- i'm going to go next door to rick. he's two inches away from me. >> rick: where is that video if? my guess is california somewhere. >> gretchen: california? >> rick: they got pummeled with snow from this storm. some spots over six feet of snow in two days. that's an incredible amount of snow. that storm pulling into the plains. you can see very cold air in place right now. those pink temperatures that you see across the northern plains, those are temperatures below zero and it's only 34 in dallas. the cold air is in place. today your temperatures are not going to get much warmer. 58 in dallas. staying in the 30s for most of oklahoma, which is kind of going to be the target for this next storm we're going to deal with. this is all that moisture
5:39 am
pulling in, now bringing snow across parts of the four corners. another storm that's a sneaky one that will sneak up across the mid atlantic and into the northeast tonight. right now it's rain. as it gets toward colder air, that doesn't look like a l. but that little gray on the map is there, one to three inches across upstate new york. tomorrow morning, waking up to a white christmas. in the west, the heavy of the snow will be. by tomorrow, snowing for much of the day across oklahoma, oklahoma city, maybe about six inches of snow. that's the nice part. the bad part is there will be severe weather, including the threat for tornadoes tomorrow across parts of the south. you have to wash that for christmas day. >> clayton: some of that bad weather may keep the in-laws arriving at your house and that may be a good thing, according to a new survey that's out because according to this new survey, there is one individual who arrives at your house who may be the most dreaded guest of all. it looks a little like this.
5:40 am
>> you're putting me into an awkward situation. >> no, i'm putting you into your christmas picture which you're going to love. look, everybody, it's mom. please, just try to smile. >> i will, raymond. but this is not the wanted. >> clayton: it's the mother-in-law, apparently according to the survey, is the most dreaded guest of all. >> gretchen: i moon, what a shock. it's always the poor mother-in-law who gets the bad rap. >> rick: you must have a really good mother-in-law. >> gretchen: i just came become from visiting her in ohio and i just think mother-in-laws in general sort of are just the automatic selection for the family problems. what i've been saying all morning is, come on! you want the mothers and the mothers in laws and aunts and maybe some of the dads to come and visit because they help out. my dad helps out tremendously when he comes to visit. all these little fix-it things in my house, he's willing to do them. >> clayton: niamey dad does the yard work. larry says, i have the best
5:41 am
mother-in-law. we are on the same wave length when it comes to advising my wife on things she should do to take care of herself. so he gets back up when she arrives. that's good. >> rick: that's always nice. b.g. in pennsylvania says, i have to say, all the years i dreaded time with my mother-in-law, i find now that she's gone, i wish i had been kinder. >> gretchen: and bill in michigan, i'm the luckiest man in the world. my wonderful wife and i have been married for 23 years and i never met my mother-in-law. [ laughter ] oh, my goodness. >> clayton: i thought bill wouldn't offer up his last name for that. but now it's up there. i love my mother-in-law. i'll put that out there. i love my mother-in-law. i love you. >> gretchen: the best line of the show was -- >> rick: why do you think i don't have a mother-in-law? [ laughter ] >> gretchen: so there you have it. i say screaming kids top my list. coming up next, a special preview of our "fox & friends" christmas special. all of our friends are stopping by, including paula deen. >> clayton: country music star is here with a special christmas
5:42 am
performance. first, here is cold beer. ♪ it all started with a cold beer. ♪ in a smoky atmosphere ♪ ♪ a few words whispered in her ear ♪ ♪ can we got on out of here ♪ it was down some back road ♪ in the back seat up close ♪ it's gone by next year ♪ it all started with a cold beer ♪ ♪ i remember that night plain as day ♪ ♪ i dropped the top on my chevrolet ♪ ♪ and i picked her up ♪ i was sweet on her ♪ she was leery of me ♪ i was all arms ♪ he was huh-uh please ♪ do not touch ♪ i thought how am i going to
5:43 am
break the ice ♪ ♪ with a girl that so pretty and so nice ♪ ♪
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> rick: quick headlines now. the christmas count down is on. today is the final day to pick up last minute gifts, but if you haven't finished your shopping, get ready for the crowds. an estimated 17 million and one people, including clayton morris, plan to hit the stores today, the most common gift they'll buy?
5:46 am
a gift card. and ba himbug got a parking tinge. he bought himself a one way ticket to the naughty list. the man dressed as mr. clause tried to fight the ticket for an expired meter, but the cop wasn't having it. >> gretchen: every year at christmas time, all of us here on "fox & friends" celebrate the christmas holiday. the only way we know how, by getting all of our friends together. we put on the christmas sweater. >> clayton: i put on the christmas sweater. >> gretchen: we put together a special show. >> clayton: we get together, we eat a lot and have a lot of fun. so later tonight right here, catch our two-hour christmas special called ""fox & friends" christmas" and it's going to be fun. >> gretchen: it's going to air on christmas day. here to give us a sneak peek, one of our friends, peter johnson, jr. >> the andy williams show, the king family, the osmonds, bob
5:47 am
hope, their christmas special, has nothing on "fox & friends." billy ray cyrus, paula deen, steve doocy challenging bill o'reilly, you guys. i mean, it's a fantastic show. i had a little bit of a preview. let's take a hook now what you'll see tonight and tomorrow. >> here is billy ray cyrus. >> made a lot of noise with that. >> queen of southern cuisine is laughing already. >> she's here to dish what christmas is like at her house. you gave us a real idea of what's happening. >> you look like you've been drinking egg nog. >> you have not aged at all. >> what do you make on christmas morning? >> christmas morning, casserole. >> oh, my gosh. scared me to death. can't waste the butter.
5:48 am
♪ all i want for christmas is a rock'n'roll electric guitar. ♪ i'm offering this simple prayer ♪ ♪ to kids from one to 92 >> youtube sensation. >> the piano guy. ♪ . >> ho, ho, ho! ho, ho, ho! merry christmas! ♪ to you ♪ . >> the back story, is i was supposed to do a duet with ashanti, but my wife said i really shouldn't do it. so my daughters and i are doing a christmas message. but all of the fox news people that we all love are going to be on this show giving christmas
5:49 am
greetings and telling stories and having a really good time. >> gretchen: we all took part in it. one of my favorite memories from it, other than the christmas sweaters that you guys wear, randle atchison will be performing the piano. he'll talk about his near death experience. after he was brought back to life, he decided to dedicate his life to music and playing the piano and to god. and you know what, he gives inspiration to people, especially after the connecticut shootings. he gives inspiration to people who have lost a loved one around christmas time as to the place that they are in now because he says that he has seen it. >> i lost my dad. and we all have loss every year and so it's important, especially at christmas, that we understand how that fits in to our faith and i saw what you were talking about with him. it really is touching and moving and we put it in the context of sandy and sandy hook and all the
5:50 am
tragedies. >> clayton: one of my favorite moments, char margolis, she wrote a book. she does this with stars and she connects with the audience for individuals who lost loved ones recently. and she doesn't know anything about them. she's immediately able to tell the loved one that has passed and she says -- she was talking to me. she knew stuff about my grandmother who passed. she named her. she was saying we're only a thought away from those we love. just a thought. when you bring up their name to you, they're right there and they hear. >> it's a loving show. i think it's the best produced christmas show year aftery. the producers here at fox friends really do an incredible job. and we're always so happy to be part of it. and you're going to really enjoy it tonight and if you don't get it tonight, watch it tomorrow. >> gretchen: 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight. tomorrow, 2:00 p.m. eastern. peter, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> clayton: up next, how about a little moon shine?
5:51 am
>> give that to me! ♪ shine straight from the mason jar ♪ ♪ shine let's let the party start ♪ ♪ shine -- >> clayton: special christmas performance from country music star matt still. he brought us the moon shine. >> gretchen: all right. first let's check in with greg jarrett for what's coming up at the top of the hour. i know you want the moonshine. >> now howe do i outshine moon shine? >> gretchen: i don't know. here it comes. >> save some for me. a former marine chain to do a bed in a mexican prison is finally free. we'll talk with a congresswoman who made it happen. the fiscal cliff looming larger. enough insight into how a deal blew up and then there is the story of the woman who was fired because her boss thought she was irresistible. all that top of the hour. see you then
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
. . start ♪ ♪ . >> rick: if you make another one of shows video, i want to be part of it. he has opened up for country music stars likes dierks bentley and blake shelton and the shopping you heard "shine," propelled him to the top of the charts. now he's spreading holiday cheer with a song called "our
5:55 am
christmas." looks like an amazing time in the video. >> it is an amazing time. it's great. >> rick: tell me about the song you're going to perform for us. >> it's a little christmas diddy it make you feel good. it's christmas eve today. it makes you feel good about you you and your lady friend if you have one. >> rick: that's what we need. there you go. why don't you guys play for us right now. >> all right. ♪ string up the lights baby ♪ break out the cheer ♪ jingle bells jingle well it's that time of year ♪ ♪ here we are baby ♪ this is our christmas ♪ we'll sing some carols ♪ snow's on the way ♪ weatherman says they spotted santa's sleigh ♪ ♪ here we are baby ♪ this is our christmas
5:56 am
♪ all is well baby ♪ all is right ♪ having us a merry little christmas night ♪ ♪ fa, la, la, got my angels hymn ♪ ♪ walking in our own little wonderland ♪ ♪ don't need a gift with a pretty bow ♪ ♪ get you under some mistletoe ♪ in my arms baby ♪ this is our christmas ♪ all is well baby ♪ all is right ♪ having us a merry little christmas night ♪ ♪ fa, la, la
5:57 am
♪ got my angel here ♪ come on baby take my by the hand ♪ ♪ walking in our own little wonderland ♪ ♪ string up the lights baby ♪ break out the cheer ♪ jingle bell jingle well it's that time of year ♪ ♪ here we are baby ♪ this is our christmas ♪ here we are baby ♪ this is our christmas ♪ this is our christmas ♪ this is our christmas ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ string up the lights baby ♪ break out cheer ♪ jingle bell jingle well it's
5:58 am
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